Character Design and Illustration

A collection of digital and traditional art work focusing on character design and implementation. More character design and illustration style can be found on my social media pages, where you can find pieces that I’m currently working on and my WIPs.
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Character Design/Illustration
Character work, Environmental Designs
Programs (Digital)
Photoshop, Sketchbook Pro, Fire Alpaca
Medium (Traditional)
Copic Markers/Multiliner, Non-photo blue pencil

Client Work. Copic Marker illustration for Anime USA. (Traditional)

Client Work. Copic Marker illustration for Anime USA. (Traditional)

Self Work. Copic Marker Set colors test for students. (Traditional)

A Thank You postcard for the StudioCosplay (non-profit) Kickstarter campaign. (Digital)

Self Work. Copic marker and Photoshop combination illustration. (Both)

Self Work. Sketchbook Pro coloring program test. (Digital)

Promotional character work for indie game test. (Digital)

Game Environment thumb. Class Project. (Digital)

Animation expressions work. Class Project. (Digital)

Promotional Illustration for GMU’s Gunston Construction project (Print and Digital)