Design (Print)

Work that I have done that were used for promotional purposes for movies and other events (corporate and personal). Many of the posters and flyers contain my own personal illustration work in either Photoshop or Illustrator and were compiled with inDesign.
I work towards making sure that my client is able print to their hearts content and only obtain work that has either been made by myself for the project or elements that are royalty free for both commercial and personal use. Organized from most recent to least.

graphic design, illustration
Anime USA Inc, RiverBend Films Production, various small businesses
promotional, design, poster, illustration
Programs Used
Illustrator, inDesign, Photoshop

Submission for apparel design work. This also shows my work process and conceptualization while working on a given project with a main focal image. (Incorporates personal work.)

Poster for Army Lodging Breakfast. Design had to be fresh and incorporate the Sunrise Start logo. (Incorporates stock images.)

Babysitting Course poster that needed to be playful, fun and appealing to teens. (Incorporates stock images.)

Poster to help promote local restaurant on military base. Had to include Hours of Operation but also give the "airplane" feel to go with the theme of the restaurant. (Incorporates stock images.)

Promotional Indoor sign (with place for business card holder) for local art studio. (Incorporates stock images.)

Poster for the Fiddle Band Camp lessons by the Contemporary Music Center. (Incorporates personal artwork and photography.)

Promotional Flyer for local small business. Client wanted to utilize their work plus incorporate elements of their logo into the design. (Incorporates client and personal images.)

A promotional flyer for Anime USA 2015 to promote their premiere guests. (Incorporates stock and client images.)

Anime USA Flyer for 2017. This was the first year that the convention was in December. (Incorporates personal work.)

Standing banner design encouraging social media connection for Anime USA. Background image is royalty-free photograph. (Incorporates stock and personal images.)

A promotional flyer for an Indie GoGo project to promote the Anime USA Maid Cafe. (Incorporates stock and client images.)

GMU’s AIGA chapter event poster Halloween contest. (Incorporates personal work.)

Movie poster design for Riverbend Films. (Incorporates personal images.)

Promotional event poster for local bowling alley.

Large multi-cultural event banner.

Promotional graphic for a 4-star command's climate survey.