Social Media and Digital Design

My digital design work is centered around creating visually compelling content tailored for social media platforms and digital displays. With a keen understanding of digital trends and user engagement, I craft designs that not only capture attention but also effectively communicate the intended message. From eye-catching social media posts to dynamic digital signage, my work is designed to resonate with audiences in the digital space. This collection showcases a range of projects where I’ve applied my skills in graphic design, animation, and visual storytelling to enhance online presence and digital communication.

Graphic designer, digital media specialist
United States Forces Korea, US Army
banner, social media, informational design

Promotional social media post for Facebook.

Holiday social media post for USFK Facebook page.

Cross-cultural award promotional social media post for USFK Facebook page.

Facebook social media banner for a 4-star command.

USFK assignment promotional digital flyer.

Social media post recognizing the Lunar New Year holiday.

This is the meta graphic for the web page. This design also mirrors the design of the Facebook posts used to post about COVID updates and information to USFK personnel.

Informational post for Facebook about the Korean holiday, Chuseok.

Promotional graphic for a 4-star command's climate survey.

Digital slide for an overhead display at a bowling alley.

Facebook promotional image for Rek/Kon gaming convention.

The original that I designed was for a printed magazine advertisement that I redesigned for a digital poster display screen.

This was uniquely designed to be used as a digital mobile wallpaper download for personnel.