Video Work

In “Videos”, you’ll find a collection of videos designed specifically for social media platforms. These videos are crafted to capture the audience’s attention quickly, convey messages effectively, and encourage engagement. From short promotional clips to informative animations, each video is tailored to suit the platform’s unique requirements and the client’s objectives. I focus on creating visually appealing and concise content that resonates with viewers, utilizing a combination of motion graphics, animation, and live-action footage. My work demonstrates my ability to adapt to the fast-paced nature of social media and deliver impactful video content that stands out.

Digital Media Specialist, Graphic Designer
United States Forces Korea, US Army
videography, editing, script writing, storyboarding, animation

Very short form video/social media post for National Liberation Day.

Short form video for a social media post regarding the start of the Korean War. This video provides some historical information while being short but also engaging. I developed the script; provided and found publicly sourced audio; provided editing and captions; and pulled publicly sourced videos to develop this video.

A social media video post in regards to Gold Star Families. I edited and formatted the video and utilized provided audio from the client.

A social media video post for Gold Star Spouses Day. This video utilizes no talking audio and I worked on the script and video editing. The images and video clips were sourced from various sources.

A short engagement video for Hangul Day - the Korean Alphabet national holiday. This utilizes video taken by the client and stock videos. I edited the video, developed and added the script.

This is a transitional video that was posted on Instagram and at the fairy tale tea party event that shows my illustration turning into a live-action princess.

An Instagram/Facebook story format video for the Chuseok holiday.